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Bianca D. McCall, LMFT

Creator of Reach-In Resiliency® MasterCourses

Subject Matter Expert in MEB Health

"We are a champion of nothing, if not ourselves."  - Bianca D. McCall

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REACH-IN Resiliency™®

Reach-In Resiliency® is a proven, trauma-informed curriculum, designed for the masses. This hybrid course is taught online and in person; to organizations, departments, groups, teams, and student campuses across the U.S. 

REACH-IN Talks™®

Reach-In Talks® is our platform for blogs, podcast, webcast and documentary- series content which features its host, Bianca D. McCall connecting through conversations with individuals who's expertise is shaped by their lived experiences, and resiliency. 


Reach-INfinity® is all about the Young &  The Resilient! It is a platform which hosts trauma-informed training for youth, and the private space within the Reach In Now™®© mobile application for young people ages 12-17 years. 

Reach-In Now®

The Reach In Now® mobile health app is available for download today, on the App Stores for iPhone & Google Play for Android. 

The app is a social-health network featuring anonymous chat rooms, non-judgement- safe spaces to ask questions, and say things you can't say on other platforms. 

The growing network offers ways to connect with individuals, groups, and resources when you need it. Text translates in more than 57 languages. 

Book TEDx Speaker, Bianca D. McCall to Speak at Your Next Event! 

Bianca D. McCall is a renowned speaker, with the remarkable talents to move and inspire rooms and diverse groups of people with her relatable storytelling, expert level knowledge and concept of mental, emotional and behavioral health. 

Bianca is a retired women's basketball player, a licensed clinical therapist with specializations in MEB health (crisis) interventions and suicide prevention. With 25 years professional experience and more than a decade, the Founder & Executive Director of a behavioral resource in Las Vegas, Nevada- She is the author of proven, trauma-informed curriculum and comprehensive framework for addressing mental health concerns in youth, elite athletes, educators, veterans, and various industries in the workforce; with a particular affinity for the reform of systems in crisis such as taxed health workers, criminal justice and law enforcement agencies.

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"How much is the teacher shortage costing the Education System?"

Reach-In Resiliency™® for Education Systems uniquely features the validation our educators and paraprofessionals so richly deserve- they are willing to leave their positions to attain it. The cost-effective solution for your system is this Trauma-Informed Workshop & Professional Development package accompanied by advanced technologies; for Educators and Paraprofessionals. Highly supported and thoughtfully designed MEB Health Campaigns for Students, Parents & Families.


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